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Find Out What to Expect at Your First Appointment

Get prepared for your first appointment at Taylor Drive Dental Care to ensure the doctor has all the information necessary to provide you with the best possible care. Being well-prepared will also help you relieve any anxieties you have about your visit. Review the content throughout our website to educate yourself on your symptoms, and take time to review our staff page to familiarize yourself with our doctor!
Our friendly staff will welcome you and shake your hand. Rest assured, our team will never criticize or judge you for the reason for your visit or your symptoms. Our clinical administrator will handle all of your paperwork, and you’ll never be left alone to wonder what is happening. We explain everything before it happens.

Understand Our Process

We believe in giving you the information you need so YOU can make the best decision for YOUR oral health. After all, this is all about YOU!
When your visit is complete, you’ll be escorted back to our happy front desk staff who will assist you in arranging for any treatment you and the Dr. have decided upon. They are very knowledgeable about insurance, health savings benefits and payment options. We want you to feel completely comfortable to ask any questions you may have. We truly will do all we can to help you accomplish your goals!
Contact Taylor Drive Dental Care with any questions you have regarding your first appointment at our local, family-owned practice! You can fill out your patient forms ahead of time to save time and hassle when you arrive at our office.

Enjoy vintage video games and FREE Wi-Fi while you wait for our services.

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We don't judge or criticize, we just fix smiles!