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What makes Taylor Drive Dental Unique?

When you walk in the door of Taylor Drive Dental, you’ll notice something different. Our friendly staff is a family, and we will welcome you right in!

It’s been said that when you walk into our office, it doesn’t have that sterile-dentist smell in the air. We take pride in creating an environment that makes you feel comfortable and at ease from the moment you arrive.

Many people have anxiety about going to the dentist, and we go to great lengths to alleviate that stress as much as possible. We intentionally cover all of your senses.
⦁ Music played throughout for comfort and privacy.
⦁ Warm and inviting decor feels clean but not sterile.
⦁ Your personal comfort needs are considered with blankets, headphones and dark glasses available for you
⦁ The air feels clean without feeling to “medical”
⦁ Aromatherapy is used to calm throughout the office.
⦁ Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and relaxed. You’ll feel like you belong when you walk in the door.
⦁ Sedation is available for patients who experience a great deal of anxiety for a treatment.
⦁ Our luxurious massage chair is available free-of-charge while you wait in longer appointments.

Cutting- edge technology in our office allows us to offer services such as:
⦁ Same Day Crowns
⦁ Night Guards
⦁ Laser Technology for gum therapy
⦁ Implants
⦁ Invisalign and Sure Smile
⦁ Snore Guards

Financing is available through our third party partners to make your treatments less of a financial burden.

What happens when I arrive at your office for my first visit?

When you walk through the door, you’ll be immediately greeted by our friendly front desk staff. Rest assured, our team will never criticize or judge you for the reason for your visit or your symptoms. They will ask you a few questions and help you get comfortable in our waiting area.

What do you do while you wait?
Hopefully you won’t wait long, but while in our waiting are, you and anyone who accompanies your will have FREE WIFI, as well as magazines, games and even water to keep you comfortable while you wait.

On your first visit, you’ll meet with our clinical administrator who will handle all of your paperwork. She will explain what happens next and get you familiar with our office and how things work. You’ll never be left alone to wonder what is happening while you are here.

Meet Dr. Elliot and Dr. Dan

While you are here for your visit, you’ll meet with one of our Denists who will help you decide the best course of treatment for your individual long-term dental health needs.

Your appointment begins with a comprehensive evaluation by either Dr. Elliot or Dr. Dan Humiston. While with you, they will evaluate your gum health and prescribe the level of cleaning you might need. They’ll take x rays, photographs and gather important information through an thorough exam. Drs. Dan and Elliot want to work with you to create a restorative treatment plan, based on your individual oral health needs.

At Taylor Drive Dental, we look at everything in dental health as whole being and all encompassing. Many factors contribute to oral and facial health. Every treatment plan is unique to the individual, because no two patients are alike. We will meet you where you are at, and strive to understand and treat you with high-quality, excellent care.

What should I expect when I get into the treatment room?

Our cutting edge treatment rooms are designed with your comfort in mind. Most rooms have a TV and headphones available upon request if you like distraction.

Your hygienist will help you into your chair and will ask you some questions as they evaluate your needs before your treatment begins. They will explain everything before it happens so you aren’t surprised by anything.

While you are in the chair, please feel free to alert your hygienist to any concerns you have. Whether you have questions or even apprehensions, our staff is here to make sure you are informed and at ease in our office.

What do I do when my appointment is finished?

Your hygienist will walk you back to the front desk staff and transition you back to their care. Once you leave your room, you are free to go! We look forward to welcoming you back for your next visit.

Our happy front desk staff will assist you in arranging for any treatment you and the Dr. have decided upon. They are very knowledgeable about insurance, health savings benefits and payment options. We want you to feel completely comfortable to ask any questions you may have. We truly will do all we can to help you accomplish your goals!

Contact Taylor Drive Dental Care with any questions you have regarding your first appointment at our local, family-owned practice! You can fill out your patient forms ahead of time to save time and hassle when you arrive at our office.

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